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If I Fell EP


7 mp3's FREE! This is the 2008 American Eagle Recordings release of "If I Fell","When He Comes Home","Her Will","Wild and Free" & "I Want It All". Includes 2 bonus acoustic mixes of "If I Fell" & "When He Comes Home".

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Subconscious EP

SABLE Subconscious EP

6 mp3's FREE! This is the 2007 American Eagle Recordings release of the hit single's "Love Hasn't Found 'em Yet" and "Raised on the Radio" plus "Drop of Rain", "Subconscious", and "Everybody Wants Her". Includes a bonus radio edit mix of "Love Hasn't Found 'em Yet"

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SABLE Compilation

27 mp3's bundled up for FREE! Get all our available MP3's in one bundle. Includes the Coming Home EP, Subconscious EP, If I Fell EP, Raised on the Radio CD, and a few other early songs that never made it on a record.

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